Panthera's Puzzle Contest

It's FREE to take part and to win. Contests end tuesdays, and winners are picked at random. You need to get at least 1 question right to win!
  • How the Puzzles get chosen:
    Everyone is allowed to submit one puzzle for the next contest. Just go to Add a Puzzle to add your puzzle into the contest.
  • How to take part in the contest
    To take part in the contest you must first register for the contests. Once you have registered, you never need to register again. Go to
    Sign Up to register for the contests.
    After registering, you will have to go to
    Play to take part in the contests.
  • To see All the puzzles (current/previous)
    Sometimes it helps to sit down and look at the puzzles in the current contest for a while, or to see the previous contest's answers. Go to See Puzzles to see all the puzzles in the current or previous contest.
  • To see your ranking in the current/previous contest
    Many people like to see where they stand against their fellow puzzlers. To see the current standings go to Standings , and to see past standings go to Past . Past standings will only show you the standings as of the last contest.
  • Other Options
    Sponsors - please visit my sponsors and support the puzzle page.
    Links - links to other puzzle pages.
    Chat - a puzzler's chat area
    Light Puzzles - an area where you can make puzzles for free. Light puzzles are the type of puzzles where you might have to turn out all the lights by hitting buttons.
    Winners - list of previous winners
    Awards - awards that my page has won
    Advertise - info on advertising
    Thanks - these are the ppl who made this page possible.

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