Panthera's Puzzle Contest

There are 4 different types of advertising on Panthera's Puzzle Contest:
  • Puzzle Ads
    It's possible to place your ad within the puzzle contest, so that puzzlers have to see the ad before putting in the answer or going on to the next puzzle. We will make up puzzles for your company if you don't have any available.
  • Banner Advertisements
    Banner Advertisements appear on the front page, right below the prize giving sponsors. Please contact us for more info:
  • Prize Giving Sponsors
    If you dont want to spend much money on advertising, but have something puzzle related (or educational) use this option. You will be listed on the front page. Please contact us for more info:
  • Sponsors
    Sponsors are people/organizations who have given money or resources for the puzzle page. Sponsors are listed on their own page. Please contact us for more info:

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