1. Figuring out what to input into the puzzle is part of the puzzle.
  2. Trick puzzles and simple word puzzles will more often occur for lower levels (like sophmores).
  3. All puzzles came from my puzzle contest, so if you need practice go there: Panthera's Puzzle Contest (You will need to register for that page separately -- go to "Sign Up")
  4. There are 20 questions per test. You need to get 16 correct to pass.
  5. First page will be an overview of all of your puzzles. Puzzles will vary based on the person, but you will always have the same puzzles. (So you can think about the puzzles and come back later if you need to.)
  6. Subsequent pages will have the puzzle repeated (so you can see what you are answering).
  7. Freshmen can advance to sophmore without a test !

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