Enroll for free

It's totally free to enroll in Puzzle University, you just have to start as a freshman. You will be given the option of joining the Puzzle mailing list. This list will be used by puzzle companies on the mall to offer you special puzzle prices!


Advance me!

It's free to advance your standings as well. All you have to do is pass a "simple" test. The puzzles get harder as you progress. You can advance from freshman to sophomore to junior to senior to grad student this way.

Getting a Ph D

Simply put, you need to prove yourself worthy of being a Ph. D. This means advancing to grad student as well as publishing a puzzle book or paper and including within the name, "Puzzle University" and the web page URL. Then, just make sure you send us a copy and we will send you a Ph. D. diploma and advance your standing on here as well.

General Guidelines

This is a non-accredited University, created soley for fun. Everything is free to play and take part in. If you wish to advertise, please let us know and we will send you information.

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